As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programs, MICTSL Management has always promoted social protection activities for its employees and Malagasy community in general.

Through its actions, the company intends to share its convictions as an example of a corporate citizen: its support and cooperation with various state entities, its long-term commitment to better education of Malagasy children, its involvement in the improvement of basic health care at the national level. level are all elements achieving this will.

The main people in our actions are summarized as follows:

  • Employee training;
  • Improved employee well-being;
  • Education of children of employees;
  • Education and community health;
  • Support for local public services;
Employee training

In its human resources management policy, MICTSL pays particular attention to internal promotion and therefore strives to develop the skills of its employees at all levels. & lt ; / p & gt;

Each year, 65% of employees receive training in various fields; among others: maintenance of latest generation equipment, operating systems used in the terminal, communication in English, operation of heavy equipment or the latest IT innovations.

Infrastructures with the necessary equipment have been set up to carry out on-site training but some courses have been moved to the capital or abroad.

These trainings have been improved, both for the employees concerned and for the services offered to customers.

Indeed, the search for continuous improvement is one of the foundations of the company's policy.

Benefits and social programs

The well-being of employees and their families is a daily concern of MICTSL. Thus, various programs to improve the living and working conditions of employees have been developed and implemented to contribute:

  • Various forms of loans to finance the construction, expansion or renovation of residential houses; the acquisition of transport equipment and finally the purchase of computer equipment for domestic use;
  • Establishment of a domestic canteen for nearly 100,000 meals a year inside the terminal with opening hours covering all specific working hours of the terminal;
  • Support for public transport to / from the terminal for those who do not have private vehicles;
Education of children of employees

Each year MICTSL contributes to the tuition fees of the children of all employees; whether permanent or temporary. & nbsp; School supplies including school bags, pencil cases, notebooks, pens, rulers, etc. are distributed.

Each school year, three scholarships are awarded by the company to the best young high school graduates; covering tuition, supplies, books, and other living expenses.

The university courses chosen by the students are varied: medical sciences, law, industrial maintenance, management, etc.

Education and community health

Faithful to its vision and convinced of the importance of education for the development of Madagascar and the blossoming of future generations, MICTSL participates in the improvement of school infrastructure by building classrooms and giving scholarships to public school students.

Other partnerships with various associations, non-governmental organizations and some service clubs also allow MICTSL to support the most disadvantaged:

  • Funding of a nutritional center helping families to feed children daily and to ensure their cost in medical care;
  • Donation of material and help to orphanages;
  • Financial participation and logistical support for the actions of the hospital ship "Africa Mercy";
Support for local public services

Aware of the need for infrastructure and equipment in the city where it is located, MICTSL regularly finances projects directly impacting the population of Toamasina.

Among others, the renovation of the town hall, the pride of the inhabitants of Toamasina, or the purchase of an ambulance for the urban municipality of Toamasina I.

There are many activities in association with the urban commune of Toamasina and the region of Atsinanana and the MICTSL is one of the local operators participating in the efforts to maintain the cleanliness of the city.

Although based in Toamasina, MICTSL contributes, through various partnerships, to social actions aimed at improving the life of all Malagasy people.


MICTSL supports its employees who are organized in various sports such as football, basketball and petanque.

The matches are often organized in Toamasina and in the surrounding small towns. However, matches have already taken place in Antananarivo; notably during the fundraising futsal tournament for the national beach soccer team and the MICTSL was among the sponsors.

International solidarity

Following the tragedy in the Philippines during the passage of Typhoon Haiyan on November 8, 2013, MICTSL made use of the technical expertise of three of its employees, Malagasy specialists in mobile port cranes, in favor of the victims. & nbsp; They joined the port of Tacloban in the Philippines for a first assistance mission of three months but which was extended at the request of the beneficiaries.

Thus, unlike other Non-Governmental Organizations distributing food, money or other items, the MICTSL has strengthened the logistical support of international aid thanks to the skills of its employees.


Madagascar is the first country victim of global warming, the consequences of which are already experienced daily by its population in the South. Indeed, three consecutive years of drought combined with the adverse impacts of the pandemic COVID19 have wiped out the revenues from agricultural and breeding activities. Moreover, the absence of tourists due to the closing of borders critically affected the region’s economy.

Hence, the number of people affected by food insecurity is continuing to increase despite Government intervention supported by local and international organizations: resources are not sufficient anymore!

Because of this, a group of friends coming from several different horizons but all living in Toamasina decided to embark in fund collection which will serve immediately to distribute food but also in near future to install waterpoints (pumps, borehole, etc.); and later to start plantings.

In the beginning, the project was auto-financed by the initiators but, rapidly, sponsors like MICTSL decided to support. The concept is consisting of symbolically buying 1 Euro per kilometer traveled by participants of a bike ride along the coast from Toamasina to Fort Dauphin; total distance is 1027 km.

Georges Magot, MICTSL Head of Engineering was among those who made this journey from start to finish. Upon reaching the final destination, the team members distributed food collected thanks to donations. This is just the start, there is more to come.