As stated in our General Policy and Safety Policy*, MICTSL gives a priority to the satisfaction and the attentive listening of its customers while ensuring the safety and health of the people, the safety of its installations and the containerized goods which are entrusted to it as well as the rolling stock passage to the terminal while respecting the environment. The commitment of each interested party is required.
Also aware of the security threats along the supply chain at the international level, this document has been established to prevent any threat that may come from each of the stakeholders.
As a reminder, MICTSL has voluntarily adopted the standards of the ISPS Code, ISO 28000: 2007, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 9001: 2015 for its management of security and environmental aspects as well as quality management.

To achieve this, it is imperative that its customers, suppliers, and service providers are aware of any comply with the regulations applicable in its area of operation at all times; note in particular the following points:

  1. All persons circulating in enclosures and buildings under the control of MICTSL must carry a valid badge provided by MICTSL; in particular: shipping line agents, transit agents and truck drivers, suppliers, and service providers
  2. The same persons must always wear reflective vest. In some areas (inside the terminal), the wearing of protective helmets is mandatory.
  3. Checking is carried out at the entrance and exit of the different crossing points: at the main entrance to the port of Toamasina, at the service gate of MICTSL, at the main gate of MICTSL, etc. Physical searches can be carried out on people as well as on vehicles with the use of various equipment such as metal detectors.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to bring the following items inside the MICTSL facilities: weapons, drugs, alcohol, dangerous materials, explosives, incendiary devices, as well as any unauthorized substances, materials and animals, according to the laws in force. No kind of illegal transaction is tolerated.
  5. Documents are required prior to any transaction with MICTSL and only those who have provided all of the said documents will be registered as customers or suppliers. Periodic file renewals are also required with variable frequency depending on the types of transactions involved.
  6. In case of change of company name, RIB or other information related to customers, suppliers and service providers must be informed.
  7. Employers are required to report any criminal history of persons they have authorized, on their behalf, to conduct any type of transactions with MICTSL (billing, delivery and reception of containers, etc.). MICTSL reserves the right to take legal action in case of false declaration.
  8. All information related to the services of MICTSL must be considered as confidential.
  9. MICTSL has a zero-tolerance policy on corruption. All forms of corruption and influence peddling are banned; mainly cash payments that are not recorded at the cash desk.
  10. When delivering goods and/or merchandises in favor of MICTSL, the supplier must guarantee that these will not: contaminate, cause pollution risks, cause injuries to the staff, or damage the infrastructures and equipment of the company.
  11. The access of all vehicles which present environmental risks, including the leakage of substances harmful to the environment, will be denied in the MICTSL installation area.

In addition to the above rules, stakeholders undertake to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as codes of practice relating to the preservation of the environment, safety, and security.

This document may be updated to reflect new requirements.